Have you ever ate a durian? You think the taste is awful? You think the smell is awful? You could even faint the moment its aroma snug into your nostrils? Well, well, well you clearly have not eaten all the listed exotic food from around the globe which we are about to show you!

Coming straight from Cambodia, we bring you – Fried Tarantula! The giant spider which is about the size of an adult hand, is deep-fried and being served on a plate like any other normal cuisine. Many claim that the legs and head are crispy while some other customers (the gutsy ones) would go for the abdomen which is said to be gooey.

Next up, we present to you – Haggis! No, it’s not that diaper Malaysians use for their babies, but it’s a mix of sheep’s liver, lungs and heart. Of course it does not taste like a frozen meat Singapore, but is said to have a wonderful touch on the taste buds. This savory pudding is brought to you, fresh from European kitchen.

Be prepared for a mind-boggling cuisine of all time, specially cooked from China – the Monkey Brains! Said to cause cannibalism to those who eat it, this dish is usually served with spices but some even prefer it raw. Apart from cannibalism, it is also said to cause other health risks and the dish is also being eaten throughout East-Asia.

And to top our list of the most bizarre food in the world, from Italy, we present to you – Casu Marzu! Have a wild thought on eating raw cheese? Well, how about a raw, decompose cheese with some toppings of squiggling larvae on it? Yummy! The larvae is reported to give a distinguish taste and gooey texture to the less fermented sheep’s milk.

Well, that’s about it on the exotic cuisine around the world. Durian really is not that bad, in fact, very delicious to be compared to ones listed above. But hey, one man’s meat is another man’s poison. Happy hunting to all exotic food lovers out there!

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